A note on data use for refunds: we will use your data to facilitate a refund to your account using the details that you provided. Your data will then be destroyed from our server: we will not use your data for any purpose other than this, and to confirm that your refund has been processed.

Your Options
  • Option 1: Free deferral to the 2022 event to be held on Sunday 20 February 2022. This will be the default option if you do not specify either of the other two options…..but it would really help our planning if you let us know if you choose option 1. Deferred competitors to 2022 will be able to transfer their entry to another competitor until a few days before the event provided that you notify JC Race Solutions in advance of the event by sending an email to entries@jcracesoluytions.co.uk with full details of the substitute competitor who will need to pay a small fee of £2 cash at registration.
  • Option 2: withdraw from the event and receive a refund of £12. Please allow up to 28 days for the refund to appear in your bank.
  • Option 3: withdraw from the race with no refund. This would really help our club finances so we will send you one of the 2020 finisher T shirts as a token of our thanks. The T-shirt will be a rare item since it is for ‘The Race that Never Was’ !!
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