EmailĀ with any queries.

Results are provisional for about a week to allow for queries and fess-ups :-). Please do not assume anything until then.

Auto-triggered Finish line photos to download for free here. (You might need to use a tablet or PC to download).


Firstly, please realise that finish times are unaffected! Read on…

Due to partial timing equipment failure we are unable to provide some of you with your complete splits (Finish times are accurate and unaffected). Where at least one split was recorded going into or exiting transition then we have applied a nominal 2 minute transition time (appears with a green background in the table). This does not affect your finish time. It just means that your swim, bike or run time is a minute or so too short.

Some of you will have accurately recorded your splits using your sports watch. If so then please send them to and we will manually add them in for you.

We at JC Race Solutions apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment and we will be conducting a thorough investigation along with the equipment manufacturers in order to get to the bottom of this.